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Ode to life

By Arnout Louis M Gielen

Many springs came to be

In the vibrant, overflowing tree

Born in soil with nourishing depth

Exuberance was a quality that was kept

Fellow saplings twigged differently

Showing what it can be like to be

Grasping at life through opaque darkness and blinding light

Duality didn't give birth to fright

Seeing warmth in silent waters

A dexterously diligent stream came to be

Very close to this beautiful growing tree

The stream, fertilizing the ever-changing soil of bliss

Allowing for roots that could support a variety of what is

Blossoming yellow and bright

Motherhood took flight

Churning winds and exasperating storms

Waving and twisting her very stem to adapt

Offering shade and sunlight to enrapt

Branching and leafing in the tenderest of greens

Seeing her fruits ripen, she stands tall

Turning animosity into amicability, in favour of all

The number of springs matters little for a tree that is nourished with good soil, a flowing stream, and that is blessed with ripe fruits that are taking root

The soil will continue to be fed by the life you attract

The stream will continue to flow diligently through the stability of your love

Life will continue to grow and prosper by your cooling embrace of warmth

All there is to do is be

Thank you, vibrant, overflowing tree

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