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Relax & Soothe @ Hasselt.

Buddhist Bowls

My name is Paris, I did a singing bowls course in 'Katmandu Center for Healing' in Nepal in 2019. And since then I have been giving individual and group Bowl Sessions in Meditation and Yoga Centers, and I gave a group session for children as well.

I got great results with people issues as: anxiety, depression, stress, sleep problems, problems with digestion, burn-out, headaches, muscular pain, etc.

The vibrations of Singing Bowls are so relaxing that they work out for the gross and subtle body. Creating deep relaxation and meditative states.

Come and experience by yourself this fantastic sound journey.

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By Fanny & Koen

Electronic shamanic soundjourney


In een mix van Mantra’s, eigen composities en soundscapes neemt de unieke stem van Fanny Muller je mee doorheen onverwachte muzikale sferen. Koen Fossey creëerde een aantal composities waarin haar klanken vrij kunnen stromen. Laat je raken door de intense emoties van dit bijzondere duo.



In a mix of Mantras, own compositions and soundscapes, the unique voice of Fanny Muller takes you through unexpected musical atmospheres. Koen Fossey created a number of compositions in which her sounds can flow freely. Be touched by the intense emotions of this special duo.

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Alanos Soundhealing

Door Alan

Info volgt

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