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Arna's first online yoga class!

Bijgewerkt op: 9 sep. 2020

We are pleased to provide you with a full-body vinyasa yoga class of 30min! And the first online yoga-class narrated by -, and demonstrated by Arna Couper.

Vinyasa means 'moving on the breath', and this sequence is sure to get your full body flowing. In our normal group classes, we would call this class "Sense-flow yoga".

We're happy to give this class mostly for free: 3/4th of the actual moving practice you can freely stream down below.

For the full class, you can click on this link to download it from our store and enjoy it forever.

By doing this you support us, and motivate us to continue providing quality classes online.

Enjoy your practice!

If the link above doesn't work::


Arna & Arnout

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